We sell health care products for livestock and pets, including pharmaceuticals, first aid provisions and pest control supplies. Our pest control items include pesticides, insecticides, rodenticides, repellants and flea and tick shampoos. We also sell ointments and medicated salves, as well as wound and hoof care products.

Some items may not be listed below and some items may not be in stock. Please give us a call to confirm availability.

Item NameItem Description
Alcohol 70% gallonCB Alcohol 70% (FP)
Alushield Aerosol bandageAlushield Aerosol Bandage 75g
Atguard Swine Wormer - 11.2gAtguard Swine Wormer - 11.2g
Aureomycin(chlotetracycline)AUREOMYCIN SP CONC 64g 6.4oz
Bag Balm,10ozBAG BALM - 10oz
Ball_playground - 8" - blueBall_playground - 8" - blue
Ball_soccer - 8" - pinkBall_soccer - 8" - pink
Bandage with Pad - SyrFlexSyrFlex Bandage with Pad - Sterile - 4"
Banixx - 32oz spray bottleBanixx - Wound & Hoof Care - antibacterial/antifungal - 32oz spray bottle
Banixx - 8oz bottleBanixx - Pet - antibacterial/antifungal - 8oz bottle
Bloat Release 12ozBloat Release 12oz for cattle - sheep - and goats
Blood Stop Powder - 16ozBlood Stop Powder - 16oz
Blu Kote Aerosol - 5ozBlu Kote Aerosol - 5oz
Boots - MonarchBOOT MONARCH PT 16" SZ9 86605
Brewers yeast - 2lb
Bronco EQ Fly spray W. B. 32oz
Brooder Light base+6" cordBrooder Light base with 6' cord
Brown Cling Gauze 6"Brown Cling Gauze 6"
Brush Cleaning Deluxe 246080Brush Cleaning Deluxe 246080
Brush Hoof Pick 7"Brush Hoof Pick 7"
Brush wild AsstBrush Wild Asst.
Bucket 8 Quart8 Quart Bucket - Plastic-Assorted colors
Bucket FLAT BACK 20 Quart20 Quart Bucket=FLATBACK-Assorted colors
Bucket FLAT BACK 8 Quart8 Quart Bucket=FLATBACK-Assorted colors
Cage Cup - 1/2pt - plasticCage Cup - 1/2pt - plastic
Cage Cup - 1pt - plasticCage Cup - 1pt - plastic
Cage Cup - 1qt - galvanizedCage Cup - 1qt - galvanized
Cage Cup - 1qt - plasticCage Cup - 1qt - plastic
Calm Coat Topical Spray 4ozCalm Coat Topical Spray 4oz
Calm Eyes 4ozCalm Eyes 4oz
Cellarator Turbo 80cc
Coflex 4" color wrapCoflex 4" color wrap-Assorted 18s 3400
Colostrx - Multi Species 1lbColostrx - Multi Species Colostrum Supplement - 1lb
Comb Curry Flexible DECKERComb Curry Flexible DECKER
Comb Curry SpiralComb Curry Spiral 15-S
Corid Powder 20% 10ozCorid Powder 20% (amprolium)10oz
Corid solution 9.6% 16ozCorid solution 9.6% (amprolium)16oz
Cotton Roll 1lbCotton Roll 1lb
Cut/Heal Hoof Heal 16oz
Cut/Heal Hoof Heal 32oz
Cut/Heal Liquid Freeze Roll-on
Cut/Heal Liquid Sprayer 16oz
Cut/Heal Smart Choice Complete
CV-80 Insect spray 25ozCV-80 Insect Spray 25oz
Cydectin Sheep Drench - 1lCydectin (moxidectin) - Sheep Drench - 1l
D-Worm ComboD-Worm Combo MED/Lrg Dogs
Dectomax Pour OnDectomax Pour On 250ml
DMSO Gel 4oz
DMSO liquid 99% - pint
Egg Incubator - circulated airLittle Giant Circulated Air Incubator with forced air fan kit 10200
Egg Turner for incubator
Electrolytes Plus - multispeElectrolytes Plus multi species - 6oz
Electrolytes - EquineCooper's Best Electrolytes - Equine - 5#
Endo Mectin 1% 50mlEndo Mectin Ivermectin 1% injectable
Endure Fly Spray Refill 1galEndure Fly Spray Refill 1gal
Endure Fly Spray+TS 32ozEndure Fly Spray+TS 32oz
Equistrength-pyrantal pamoateCB Equistrength (Pyrantel Pamoate) Equine Paste
EZ-GRIP Mat MoverEZ-GRIP Mat Mover from High Country Plastics
Feed pan - RUBBER 3galFeed pan RUBBER 3gal
Feed pan - RUBBER 8qtFeed Pan RUBBER 8qt
Feeder Pan - Poultry 14"/30#FEEDER PAN 14" 9143
Feeder Pan - Poultry 17"/40#FEEDER PAN 17" 9173
Feeder Tube - Poultry - 30#FEEDER TUBE 30# 9140
Feeder Tube - Poultry - 40#FEEDER TUBE 40# 9142
Feeder - Fence 20qtFeeder Fence 20qt Asst
Feeder - Poultry Flip Top 20"Feeder - Poultry Flip Top 20"
Feeder - Poultry - 12#12# Feeder TUBE with 12' pan 9112
Feeder - Poultry - base QT jarChick Feeder base for quart jar
Feeder - Poultry - Slide Top 12"Feeder - Poultry - Slide Top 12"
FluVac Innovator 5FluVac Innovator 5 - 1 dose
Fly Bonnet-Horse - No Ears
Fly Mask-HORSE Supermask IISupermask II Fly Mask-HORSE
Fly Mask-MINI Supermask IISupermask II-MINI Fly Mask
Fly Mask - Horse SenseHorse Sense Fly Mask - assorted sizes
Fly Trap - DisposableRescue Disposable Fly Trap
Foot Shears+Holster
Four Flex 3.75#Four Flex - 3.75lb
Four Flex 8ozCANINE FOUR FLEX 8oz
Frontline + CAT GreenFrontline + CAT Green
Frontline+ Dog 23-44 BLUE 3 dosFrontline+ Dog 23-44# BLUE 3 dose
Frontline+ Dog 45-88 PURPLE 3 dFrontline+ DOG 45-88# Purple 3s
Frontline+ Dog 89-132 RED 3 dFrontline+ Dog 89-132# RED 3 dose
FuraZone Ointment
Gloves latex - large L3889455
Gopher Getter Bait Type 1- 1LBGopher Getter Bait Type 1- 1lb
Heat lamp - RED 250 wtRED Heat Lamp - 250W
Hoof Nippers 14"
Ichthammol Ointment 20% 1lb
Iverchoice Paste 1.87%CB Iverchoice Paste 1.87%
Joint Combo - Hoof & Coat - 3.75#Joint Combo - Hoof & Coat - 3.75#
Leather New Balsam 7.5ozLeather New Balsam 7.5oz
Leather New Deep Conditioner 32Leather New Deep Conditioner 32oz
Leather New Foam Cleaner 7ozLeather New Foam Cleaner 7oz
Leather New Saddle Soap 32ozLeather New Saddle Soap 32oz
Magic Coat Citrus Shampoo 16ozMagic Coat Citrus Shampoo 16oz
Magic Coat Flea/Ti Shampoo 16ozMagic Coat Flea/Tick Shampoo 16oz
Magic Coat Oatmeal Rinse - 12ozMagic Coat Oatmeal Rinse - 12oz
Magic Coat Oatmeal Shampoo 16ozMagic Coat Oatmeal Shampoo 16oz
Mineral Oil - gallonMINERAL OIL USP gal
Mouse Trap metal 2pkMouse Trap metal 2pk
Penicillin G ProcainePenicillin G Procaine 100ml
Permectrin IIPermectrin II 1qt
Polyotic - tertracycline hydrochPolyotic (Tetracycline Hydrochloride) Soluble Powder - 6.4oz
Povidone-Iodine Solution 10%Povidone-Iodine Solution 10% 32oz
Povidone-Iodine Surgical ScrubPovidone-Iodine Surgical Scrub 7.5% 32oz
Pritchard Teat - Screw onPritchard Teat - Screw on
Probe N Funnel 70300Probe N Funnel 70300
Probios Dispersible Powder240gPROBIOS DISPERS POWDER 240g
Promist'r DispenserPromist'r Dispenser C179500
Prozap Garden Poul DustProzap Garden/Poultry Dust
Prozap LD-44T (Promist'r RefillProzap LD-44T (Promist'r Refill)
Prozap VIP Insect Spray 1galProzap VIP Insect Spray 1gal
Red Cell 32ozRed Cell Equine 32oz
Red Cell - gallonEQUINE Red Cell - 1 gal
Rodent Bait - Hawk - 1.75#HAWK BAIT CHUNX 1oz 1.75lb
Saddle Stand - folding-SilverSaddle Stand - folding-Silver
Safeguard Equibits - 1.25Safeguard EquiBits (fenbendazole) - 1.25lb
Safeguard PasteSafeguard Paste 10% 12x25g
Safeguard Topdress 0.05% 1#Safeguard Topdress 0.05% 1#
SALT_Salt PanMineral Salt Pan 10 QT-Black
SALT_Sm. Animal SpoolSalt Spool & Hanger
Sand Lax Value Pack - 2.3lbSand Lax Value Pack - 2.3lb
Sandclean Psyllium Pellet - 5#CB Sandclean Psyllium Pellet - 5lb
Shedder Scraper SingleShedder Scraper Single 11-SS
Simple Green - Stain/Odor RemoveSimple Green - Stain/Odor Remover for Cats or Dogs
Spray bottle - assorted colorsSpray bottle 32oz assorted colors
Sulfasol - sulfadimethoxine powdSulfasol - Sulfadimethoxine antibacterial soluble powder - 107g
Sulmet - antibacterialSulmet Solution 12.5% 16oz
SWAT Fly Ointment - clear - 6ozSwat fly ointment - clear 6oz EPA 270-103
SWAT fly Ointment - Original 6 oSwat fly ointment - original 6oz EPA 270-103
Terra-Vet 10 - 6.4ozTerra-Vet 10 - 6.4oz Soluble Powder
Terra-Vet 200 - 100mlTerra Vet 200 100 ml
Terramycin Ophthalmic OintmentTerramycin Ophthalmic Ointment - 1/8oz
Tetroxy HCA- 280Tetroxy HCA - 280g
Thermometer for brooder or incu
Tomcat Ant Killer 1#Tomcat Ant Killer 1lb
Tomcat Mouse Snap Trap - 2pkTomcat Mouse Snap Trap - 2pk
Tomcat Rodent StationTOMCAT RODENT STATION 33473
Trap Live Animal 32x10x12Trap Live Animal 32x10x12
Trigger Horse SprayTrigger Horse Spray - 1qt
Tylan 50 - 100mlTylan 50 - 100ml
Tylosin 200 - 250 mlTYLOSIN 200 250ml
Udder Delight 4ozUdder Delight 4oz
Ultimate Shed'n Blade-Lg 11051Ultimate Shed'n Blade-Lg 11051
Ultimate Under Rake-LONG 11108Ultimate Under Rake-LONG 11108
Ultimate Under Rake-SHORT 11107Ultimate Under Rake-SHORT 11107
VACCINE_Covexin 8 - 10 doseCovexin 8 - 10 dose (vaccine)
VACCINE_Dog Solo Jec 5+ 1DsVaccine - CB Companion Solo Jec 5+ 1 dose (Canine vaccine)
VACCINE_Prestige V L2878467Prestige V - 1ml (Equine vaccine)
VACCINE_Triangle 9+Type II BVDTriangle 9+ TypeII BVD - 10 dose (vaccine)
Valbazen Suspension - 500mlValbazen Suspension - 500ml
Vi-Tal Electrolyte and MineralVI-TAL Electrolyte and Mineral Supplement - 6oz
Vita&Electro PlusVitamin & Electrolyte Plus 4oz
Water Bottle - al weather - 32ozWater Bottle - all weather - 32oz
Waterer - 1 gal-poultry JarNesting Jar 1gal 680
Waterer - 1 gal-poultry BaseNesting Base 1gal 780
Waterer - 2gal-poultry - galvanizFOUNT DOUBLE WALL 2gal 9832
Waterer - 3gal-poultry - galvanizFOUNT DOUBLE WALL 3gal 2pk 9833
Waterer - 3gal-poultry - plasticWATERER POULTRY 3gal 7906
Wazine 17% 16ozWazine 17% 16oz
Wazine 17% 8ozWazine 17% 8oz
Wheat germ Oil Blend - 32ozWheat Germ Oil Blend 32oz
Wheat Germ Oil Blend - gallonCB WHEAT GERM OIL 1gal

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