Our feed products include livestock feed, poultry feed, pet food, feed supplements, and fortified grain concentrates. We carry Farmers Warehouse livestock feed, Diamond Naturals dog and cat food and grain-free Taste of the Wild dog food. The feed table below also contains milk replacer, bedding and cat litter products.

Some items may not be listed below and some items may not be in stock. Please give us a call to confirm availability.

AnimalProduct TypeProductProtein (%)Size (lb)
CattleFeedCalf Starter1675
CattleFeedCalf Grower1475
CattleFeedDairy Feed1675
CattleFeedHeifer Grower Med75
CattleFeedStock Fattener1475
CattleFeedBlue Ribbon Show75
CattleFeedSteer Finisher1275
CattleFeedShow Time Beef50
All (not sheep)SupplementExcelorator50
Pot BelliedSpecialty FeedPot Bellied Pig Maintenance25
LlamaSpecialty FeedWeston Llama Supplement50
Guinea PigSpecialty FeedGuinea Pig Pellets50
RatiteSpecialty FeedRatite Start/Grow Pellet2150
RatiteSpecialty FeedRatite Breeder Pellet1850
RatiteSpecialty FeedRatite Maintenance Pellet1750
RatiteSpecialty FeedLMF Ratite Starter Crumble50
RatiteSpecialty FeedLMF Ratite Grower Pellet50
RatiteSpecialty FeedLMF Ratite Breeder Pellet50
All (not sheep)SupplementCalf Manna50
All (not sheep)SupplementCalf Manna25
EquineFeedEqui Sweet1150
EquineFeedEqui Sweet1450
EquineFeedEqui Sweet1650
EquineFeedEqui Pell Senior50
EquineFeedAll Purpose Sweet Feed75
EquineFeedTDI Senior Horse50
EquineFeedRope & Ride50
EquineFeedSatin Finish40
EquineFeedNatural Glo40
EquineFeedField & Show Horse Treats32
EquineFeedLMF Show Time Performance A50
EquineFeedLMF Dev. Conc A50
EquineFeedLMF Dev. Conc G50
EquineFeedLMF Prime Time A50
EquineFeedLMF Prime Time G50
EquineFeedLMF Super Supp A50
EquineFeedLMF Super Supp G50
EquineFeedLMF Hi Fat Race A50
EquineFeedLMF Endurance Ener G50
EquineFeedLMF California Complete50
EquineFeedLMF Show Time Performance G50
GoatFeedLactating Goat1675
GoatFeedGoat Ration St/Grow/Finish50
GoatFeedMeat Goat Complete50
SheepFeedComplete Ewe & Ram Pellet50
SheepFeedBlue Ribbon Lamb50
SheepFeedLamb Starter (Med)50
SheepFeedLamb Grow/Finish Pellet1650
SheepFeedShow Time Lamb50
AllFeedStar Glo Top Dress50
PoultryFeedA/P Poultry Crumble1650
PoultryFeedD/P Poultry Crumble1650
PoultryFeedChick Strt-Grow Crmbl Med1850
PoultryFeedLay Crumble1675
PoultryFeedLay Crumble1650
PoultryFeedMoney Saver Lay Crumble1650
PoultryFeedLay Mash1650
PoultryFeedLay Pellet1675
PoultryFeedLay Pellet1650
PoultryFeedMoney Saver Lay Pellet1650
PoultryFeedLay Pellet2050
PoultryFeedMeat Bird Grow-Finisher1850
PoultryFeedPigeon Pellet2150
PoultryFeedTurkey GB Start Med2750
PoultryFeedTurkey GB Grow/Fin Med2150
PoultryFeedChick Scratch50
PoultryFeedHen Scratch100
PoultryFeedHen Scratch50
PoultryFeedHen Scratch25
PoultryFeedJose Guerrero Game Mix50
PoultryFeedPico De Gallo Game Mix50
PoultryFeedGallo De Oro50
PoultryFeedHoudini Game Mix80
PoultryFeedGame Bird Conditioner50
AllProcessed GrainAlfalfa & Oat Pellets50
AllProcessed GrainAlfalfa & Timothy Pellets50
AllProcessed GrainOat Pellets50
AllProcessed GrainAll-In-One50
AllProcessed GrainAlfalfa Meal W/Molasses50
AllProcessed GrainBarley, Recleaned50
AllProcessed GrainBarley, Rolled 70
AllProcessed GrainCorn, Recleaned 50
AllProcessed GrainCorn, Ground 75
AllProcessed GrainCorn, Rolled 70
AllProcessed GrainCorn, Cracked 100
AllProcessed GrainCorn, Cracked 50
AllProcessed GrainOats, Recleaned 75
AllProcessed GrainOats, Crimped 65
AllProcessed GrainMilo, Recleaned 50
AllProcessed GrainWheat, Recleaned 50
AllProcessed GrainBarley/Corn Dry70
AllProcessed GrainBarley/Corn Molasses70
AllProcessed GrainCOB Dry70
AllProcessed GrainSweet COB70
AllProcessed GrainSoybean Meal50
AllProcessed GrainCottonseed Meal50
AllProcessed GrainWheat Bran50
AllProcessed GrainFlakey Red Bran80
AllProcessed GrainBeet Pulp - Showsweet50
AllProcessed GrainLinseed Meal50
PigFeedPig Starter/Grower W/Ivomec50
PigFeedPig Starter50
PigFeedPork Maker1650
PigFeedPork Maker1450
PigFeedMoney Saver Pig1650
PigFeedSow Gestation/Lactation1450
PigFeedShow Time Pig Medicated Pellet1850
RabbitFeedRabbit Pellets1650
RabbitFeedRabbit Pellets1625
RabbitFeedPremium Rabbit50
RabbitFeedPremium Rabbit 25
CattleSupplementRumensin Block40
CattleSupplement738 Bloat Guard33 1/3
Cattle/HorseSupplement722 Rabon Cattle & Horse40
HorseSupplement747 Horse 20% natural Protein2033 1/3
Sheep/GoatSupplement989 AIO Sheep & Goat33 1/3
CattleSupplement698 3 in 1 Block40
CattleSupplement721 Mol - Mag Block40
CattleSupplement696 RC 8% Phos Block40
HorseSupplement764 Fly Control Rabon Horse40
QuailSupplement40283 Quail Block25
DeerSupplement40289 Cornlix Deer Block33 1/3
CattleSupplement40718 Safeguard25
CattleSupplementBovalyx 28% (10% NPN)250
CattleSupplementBovalyx 28% (10% NPN)125
CattleSupplementBovalyx 18% All Natural250
CattleSupplementBovalyx 18% All Natural125
CattleSupplementBovalyx 18% + Mag250
CattleSupplementBovalyx 18% Dry Cow250
CattleSupplementVaquero Lix 25% w/NPN250
CattleSupplementVaquero Lix 25% w/NPN125
CattleSupplementVaquero Lix 20% All Natural250
CattleSupplementVaquero Lix 20% All Natural125
CattleSupplementVaquero Lix 20% All Nat + Mag250
DogSaltCanine Foundation20
AllSaltKD Coarse Salt Bag50
AllSaltKD Millrun Salt Bag50
All (not sheep)SaltTrace Mineral Salt Bag50
SheepSaltSheep Salt w/Selenium Bag50
All (not sheep)SaltPlain Salt Block50
AllSaltIodized Salt Block50
AllSaltSulfur Salt Block50
All (not sheep)SaltTrace Mineral Salt Block50
All (not sheep)SaltTrace Mineral Salt Block w/Selenium50
AllSaltPlain, Iod, Sulfur Brick 4
All (not sheep)SaltTrace Mineral Brick4
AllSaltPlain, Iod, Sulfur Licks 22.5
All (not sheep)SaltTrace Mineral Licks22.5
DogFeedFarmers Best Chunk2150
DogFeedFarmers Best Chunk2125
DogFeedFarmers Best Gravy2150
DogFeedFarmers Best Hi Pro2750
DogFeedFarmers Maintenance1840
DogFeedFarmers Best Puppy2740
DogFeedFarmers Best Puppy2720
CatFeedFarmers Best Cat3020
CatFeedFarmers Best Cat3040
CatFeedProfessional Formula Lamb & Rice40
CatFeedProfessional Formula Meat Base40
CatFeedProfessional Formula Meat Base20
CatFeedProfessional Formula Wheat Base40
CatFeedBeef Chunks
CatFeedMeaty Combo
CatLitterJohnny Cat Scoop8
CatLitterGeneric Cat Litter50
CatLitterGeneric Cat Litter10
CatLitterGeneric Cat Litter25
CatLitterQuick Sorb50
CattleMilk ReplacerFarmers 21-15 Non Med (Land O Lakes)2150
CattleMilk ReplacerFarmers 20-10 Med2050
CattleMilk ReplacerFarmers 20-10 Med2025
CattleMilk ReplacerFarmers Hi Fat 20-20 Med2050
CattleMilk ReplacerFarmers Hi Fat 20-20 Med2025
CattleMilk ReplacerLand O Lakes 22-10 Med2250
CattleMilk ReplacerLand O Lakes 22-10 Med2225
CattleMilk ReplacerLand O Lakes Calf Balance 22 Med2250
CattleMilk ReplacerLand O Lakes Calf Balance 22 Med2225
GoatMilk ReplacerLand O Lakes Kid Med25
SheepMilk ReplacerLand O Lakes Ultra Fresh Lamb25
SheepMilk ReplacerLand O Lakes Ultra Fresh Lamb10
PigMilk ReplacerLand O Lakes Pig Med25
AllBeddingShavings Pine Fir Mix50
AllBeddingShavings Pine50
AllBeddingShavings Cedar50
AllBeddingRice Hulls45
AllBeddingStall Dry44

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